Here at Ez-mobiles our design and goal involves open transparency with our customers helping anyone which has a difficulty getting onto a mobile phone contract to reach that potential for themselves. We will help you get the contract and the handset you need in most cases whatever your financial situation opening new opportunities and credibility. We pride ourselves in presenting you with the best up to date information on the latest mobile phones. Here at Ez-mobiles we think out of the box to what comes next including ‘how to guides’ for understanding and maintaining your phone to recycling it too! All our work is done on referral and we are a member of a number of affiliate programs. We do our very best and utmost to make sure you are well informed and happy with any purchase you make providing unbiased reviews, news, comparison and recommendation. We appreciate all feedback and if you have any questions please contact us!

Who (We) Are? Starting firstly with myself. My name is Bradley James Davies I’m 31 years old and I’m the founder of but if it were not for my brother it would take me a lot longer to get a fair much initially done. The website is a simple redesign adapted from the popular E-Responsive wordpress theme. We started with E-Responsive and moved to Divi. The vector graphic above and features on our site and if you’d like to use it on yours the author must be attributed <a href=””>Designed by Freepik</a>  I wanted the website to have a professional, modern, balanced, clean Feng Shi feel, keeping it simple yet effective. So with that my younger brother Grant Davies does help with the finer coding and scripting details online. I handle social media, write the reviews and blogs.

 When Was EZ-Mobiles Established? EZ-Mobiles was first conceived in 2010 whilst I worked with and along side the industry and revisited telesales in my dusty career path from room cleaning to sales, landscape gardening warehouse work and then back to customer service and ‘selling’ over the phone. We (Myself including the goodwill of my brother) have now been in business for almost 12 months and started in May 2014. Our first year has been profitable but still has me scraping through for my pockets yet paid for its investment and web hosting for around two years by far! Our Credentials If you were wondering about my credentials I worked for a highly profitable mobile phone dealership which sold monthly sim only contract’s for three and a half years. Without any proper reward for my objection handling which turned their ‘dead data’ into a goldmine overnight. Like everyone I feel the workplace has never given me what I fully wanted. I have grown up with the gradual appearance of technology and witnessed the birth of the internet. I am learning that working for yourself and utilising the internet and social media is a must in the economic climate we live in and the future-proof world. My customer service and sincerity is second to none.

Getting Personal I am spiritually and scientifically orientated yet detached. To me life is self evident, anything can be done you just have to decide what to do and do it, alone if you really must. I think life nudges and let’s you know what you really must do, but you really have to somehow find a way to listen when it does. Tech Of The Past I was the first person I knew ‘offline’ so to speak to get a 128MB iSDN internet connection in 1999 and that was just for gaming! Before broadband expanded and existed mainstream I was probably honorably plucking you out the sky with my Quake 2 Railgun dreaming of getting paid to play games which is something anyone can easily do now with Twich! I think in the marketing world they would call us the millennial. By this very nature we are good with tech and can dissect the inner workings behind hardware. A smart phone is a self evident pc in the pocket. My first PC was an Atari ST500 I couldn’t have been much more then six and I knew how that worked. I knew it had a motherboard, processor and memory (RAM) These three things exist like a Fire Pyramid and it is a fundamental understanding in computing. How I feel about being an entrepreneur? I write the blog as frequently as I can. Sometimes weekly sometimes fortnightly. I have blogs ready to go! I brainstorm I plan, I budget I think without the think tank and walk the plank of uncertainty daily. Add products handle administration and tax, liaison with affiliates and contacts by mail and phone. I analysis as much of everything I can whilst alloting my time and attention by priority of the things to do and things to request and delegate with my brother, or via I love it!

Social Media I have time to Favourite and Reply or retweet but even that must wait when I have too much going on and have to get to work in the evenings. I like my timeline to be obsessively neat down to the profile of a tweet. There is always a lot to do and a lot to learn but I love the challenge and I love to write and express my views. There is so much to write down and that’s not just including the latest technology and smartphone reviews. I have other projects going on too but EZ-Mobiles is my love, pride and joy. If your not on twitter join us! We are currently standing together at 3956 strong professional followers of journalist, CEO’s, App developers, Musicians and Authors, Managers, Brick layers, Business TV icons to fitness instructors and the most talented modern and creative artists with a brush! We are a member of the up and coming @WhatGearReviews #WWWOF What To Expect With Smartphones This Year 2015? So far we have been right in our assumption of the Octo-Core Processor making it’s appearance this year with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, becoming a standard premium feature we see in the mid range and premium Smartphone. Nobody saw the deluxe style Samsung Galaxy S6 edge coming. We will be reviewing this device shortly. I think we can expect later this year a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge waterproof edition with an SDCard depending on the reception it received since it was announced and it’s how I personally feel about it since the eve before the MWC in March. Waterproofing (I own a Sony Xperia Z2) is a miss and the lacking SDCard waved like an offer you can’t but can refuse as if Samsung think 128 GB is sufficient enough. You can expect more hands on reviews from us in the future too when we grab the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua in June. I think VR will start to be realised as a ‘thing’ by the market and consumer this year. Nearly anyone can use VR right now and would if they knew what they can do with just Google Cardboard! The question begs why aren’t they already?

We will also possibly see more diversity in phone design. This can be reasoned by Samsung’s bold decision to make a handset that looks like nothing else in the market, raising the bar of innovation expectation constantly and relentlessly, both in user interface and design as competitors and newcomers alike like Mi and OnePlus One making their touch and imprint as well. More wireless charging too! Wearable tech is also here to stay and to help manufactures and developers figure out a way for you to live in your own augmented reality! It’s also been reported in this first quarter that people are experiencing what has been labeled in the industry as ‘Phone Fatigue’ and have not been upgrading their contract but in fact shifting to PAYG. This brings better value for money since you only pay the line rental and not the interest upon a brand new phone. Monthly, weekly or as you go! This also suggests that people are happy with their smartphone’s and not upgrading because they are content either to remain strings free from a lengthy contract and not be tied down or to simple save on monthly payments and outgoings. Anything Else? If you can think of anything that we haven’t addressed here please contact us and do let us know. Finally if you would like to work with us or freely contribute to our blog please do contact us. Have an awesome day/evening thank you so much for reading and please like and share if you have found this page valuable. Sincerely & Faithfully Bradley James Davies