EE have a 93% monopoly of the UK coverage both in 4G and 3G, hence the confident branding of ‘Everything Everywhere’ With Wifi calling and 4G+ coverage across the London Underground, the fastest 4G speed compared across all networks including a variety of affordable to premium packages and services for contract and PAYG. Visit and join EE today.

EE PAYG Reward Structure

PAYG plans with EE range from (£10-£35) starting with the £10 Everything Pack. A thirty day allowance with 500mb data, 150 minutes and unlimited texts. Every three times you top up, your EE everything pack, you’ll earn a FREE selection of MORE data, texts or minutes to add to your pack, which means after three months, the £10 everything will increase to 1GB of data, after six months 1.5 and 2GB after 9 months, increasing onward into infinium. This allows you to build and tailor your Everything Plan over time whilst remaining at the original price.


Sim only doesn’t just form around PAYG but also PAYM where you can choose to register a 12 month sim only contract. The advantages of this include all EE’s benifits and more data, texts and minutes for a lesser price then a full blown 24 month smartphone contract.

EE 2nd Line (For Current EE Customers)

EE have an exclusive deal just for existing EE customers: when you choose a second SIM only plan for you or your family, they’ll take 10% off the additional plan every month. The same goes for your third, fourth and fifth, saving a mini fortune.