ID Mobile

The ID network were established in 2015 assembled by the people of infamous the Carphone Warehouse. Operating using the same 3G and 4G signal as the ‘Three’ network covering 98% of the UK. The great thing about ID is the way the whole network is customer orientated to solve and banish forever the problem of ‘Bill shock’ with ID (I Decide) giving you the option to cap your minutes and data at a safe affordable ‘Shockproof’ level specified by yourself; thus making sure you never end up having to pay an arm and leg for a call you shouldn’t have made, roaming for giant waves to ride and crash in your pocket at the end of the month. With iD Mobile this won’t happen and the safety net is there to make sure you don’t foot the bill.

25050001.5 GB£5
50050005 GB£10
2000500010 GB£25
200050006 GB£15

Monthly Shockproof Plans