Unlock your Device

Why Unlocking Your Phone Is The Smart Thing To Do Today!

Firstly unlocking your phone isn’t a standard necessity for everyone but it is something everyone can relate to and eventually make use from. Decided in the European shadows of legislation every smartphone has an in built fifteen digit IMEI number (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity number) hardwired into the phone upon it’s assembly and manufacture. Identifying where and who built it, whether it’s an iPhone or a Samsung ect. This is further used after the point of sale or contract to identify the device with the closest signal tower and it’s movement. If your phone gets stolen once you report it to your network, the IMEI will be blacklisted across all networks and tracked geographically via the first signal it bounces and contacts, acting in this manner as security precaution.

Image-Source-Flickr-Simon Adriaensen

Image-Source-Flickr-Simon Adriaensen

The IMEI Remains Constant

Your SIM let’s not go overboard with the acronyms here (Subscriber Identity Module) identifies your carrier ID and thus which Network signal you’ll be riding the airway spectrum upon. However every time you move location and log onto a different tower your phone pings the IMEI number to the closest tower and no matter what SIM you have in there, the IMEI number remains constant.

The Nature Of Contract

When you sign a contract with a network you’ll be literally ‘locked’ into contract and the IMEI number with it will remain locked by the network, often until the duration has run it’s course or until you request to have the device unlocked. This will usually come at a steep cost mid-contract since you won’t be limited to using just the one network to use the phone.

Why Unlock Your Phone?

The obvious answer is to save money and broaden bargaining leverage and choice and of course fully owning your device. If you’ve got family abroad or are going on holiday you’ll often have to buy a roaming pack to go with your contract at a steep price. If your phone is unlocked and fully paid for it’s as simple as whacking in a new rolling or 30 day sim from Lycamobile and calling home for pennies on the pound, saving a mini fortune. With an unlocked phone you can run, hop, skip, jump and more importantly roll onto another network at will whenever there is a better deal and take advantage of limited offers, free minutes and data. It’s the wise and smart choice.

How And When To Unlock Your Device?

If your out of contact with a smartphone or coming to the end of your contract you might want to consider your options on the PAYG market with a 30 day rolling sim only plan. With your current network or a different provider? If you want to move network you can port your number but the IMEI on the device will remain configured to the original network. In order to USE ANY SIM in your beloved trusty handset you’ll have to unlock it, before moving carrier or simply after.

How To Get Or Find Your IMEI Number?

With the majority of smartphone you can easily dial *#06# into your dialler and your IMEI number will open itself in a new mini window for you, you won’t be able to copy and paste the IMEI so pen and mark it down. Alternatively with Android head to-settings-status-IMEI and make a note of it displayed there, if you can’t find it in settings, remove the casing if possible and check the battery, this will often be marked with the IMEI by the manufacturer. If you’ve got an iPhone 5, 5c or 5s the IMEI should be located at the back of the phone below the Apple logo. If your using an older iPhone check the sim card tray for the IMEI. You’ll need it for the unlocking process.

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Remember to check with your network carrier before unlocking your device this usually comes at a cost mid contract, even with a PAYG device sometimes you’ll have to wait up to 12 months from the network before unlocking it!