Along with sharing signal with o2, Vodafone have numerous Red Deal packages and special offers, within their contract and sim only section.  You can check the coverage on Vodafone’s map, or visit our online store for further Sim Only Plans with Vodafone.

Image Source-Flickr-Mroach

Image Source-Flickr-Mroach

Vodafone PAYG Reward Structure

When it comes to Sim only rewards, if you’re spending £5 or more on topping up your device. Vodafone will provide you with 10% Reward Points, reward points can be accumulated and spent on extra goodies. Two hundered and fifty points will earn you 250MB of data, 1000 points a 30 day Spotify voucher, 1150 earns £15 extra credit, 1300 can be exchanged for a pocket speaker, 2000 points equal a £20 Amazon voucher. Things get physical the further we go. You’ll be able to exchange 2500 points for a new 3G phone, 5000 points equate to a 4G handset and the grand goal of 7000 points will currently earn you the 4G speedy and most reliable Motorolla E.

  • Unlimited Data The 1st two Months!
  • Choice To Upgrade To Full Contract After 3 Months
  • £22-£27 sim only plans come with streaming bundles
  • Pick from Now TV, Spotify or Sky Sports streaming

Vodafone PAYM Packages